1. Will you make a mess?

As professional sweeps we guarantee no mess.
We do this by using specialist equipment, taking precautions like triple layering of dust sheets and by stopping the soot from entering your room.

2. Why does my chimney need to be swept?

Sweeping your chimney prevents the build up of soot, dust and tar. Accumulations of which can lead to anything from your appliance running inefficiently to total blockage. Build ups can also lead to chimney fires and carbon monoxide leakage.

3. When is the best time to get my chimney swept?

The best time to book your sweep for is at the end of the burning season(normally April, May). This will reduce the risk of damaging soot falls and will lessen the time that the corrosive soot spends in your chimney.

4. How can I best prepare for a visit from a chimney sweep?

A clear work area in front of the hearth is all we require. Removal of all ornaments from the immediate area is also helpful as it is quite vigorous work.

5. Will you be going onto my roof?

No. Chimneys are swept upwards.

6. How much will it cost?

Just £45. This price includes a thorough clean, inspections of terminals, appliances and surrounds, issue of insurance certificate, smoke test and fuel review.

7. How long will it take?

Normally 1 hour is about right. We do allow longer for chimneys which we haven’t swept before because we are not sure what we might encounter ( seized entrances, tight bends, birds nests, loose liners)

8. How do I know that my chimney is clear when you have finished?

We will issue an insurance certificate to you only after completing smoke/draw test. This is a legal document which guarantees our work.

9. My chimney has been lined, does it still need to be swept?

Yes. Lined chimneys still get soot/tar accumulations which must be addressed to prevent blockage or poor performance.