Our Services

Chimney Sweep

As a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps we have to be very thorough and each sweep includes assessing your chimney stack, pot and flue. Inspecting the integrity of your appliance. Selecting the type of sweep (viper, power, traditional). Dust proofing the area using foam and specialist sheets. Cleaning you chimney and vacuuming the soot as we do so. Cleaning up. Smoke testing to ensure your appliance is drawing properly. Issue of an insurance document which covers you against chimney fires. Talking to you about fuel usage and efficiency.

Bird Nests & Blockages Cleared

If you have bits of twig or straw appearing in your grate then chances are you’ve got a birds nest. These are very time consuming to remove and well established nests can take numerous hours to remove, with that in mind if you let us know we will book you last call.

When removing a nest we can’t guarantee that we will remove all the rubbish ( a colleague once filled 90 bin liners with birds nests over a 2 day period from 1 chimney). Also although it is still just £40 after the first hour we do charge an extra £15 for every subsequent hour.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

These invaluable little items keep your family safe from the invisible threat of Carbon Monoxide.

For just £25 we will fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm for you in the right area and at the right height.

Service Contracts

We are always willing to discuss how we can meet your needs no matter how big or small your portfolio.